"...sharing Christ's love by improving the lives of vulnerable children and their communities in India."

LWT4Kids is a children's charitable fund in India. Christian Childrens School in Ponmar Village, India Childrens charity art projects at LWT4Kids helps youngsters Lighthouse Welfare Trust 4 Kids Help for neglected kids in India Ways to help the kids at Lighthouse Welfare Trust for Kids

Why LWT4Kids!
Throughout the world so many kids are in need and you have so many choices of where to give, how much to give. Which kids will you help?

Find out why is the right choice for you.
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A Spotlight on Success
Since their first days together, Lighthouse Welfare Trust founders Solomon and Clara Prabhakaran have devoted their lives to providing a nurturing environment where kids can thrive physically, emotionally and spiritually, finding the smiles that all too often are buried deep within.
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It doesn't take much to find a smile. In fact, every time you put a smile on the face of an LWT4Kid you'll find another one on your own.
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