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When Solomon moved the orphanage to the new facilities in Ponmar village there were many benefits, but educational opportunities were not among them.

The school serving Ponmar children had dedicated teachers and administrators, but was very crowded and underfunded. It had dirt floors, no desks or school supplies, and little instruction in English, a neccessity in India for those who want to break free from poverty.

In 2009, Solomon's dream for a school for the orphanage children and others in the community was realized and learning English started to become a reality That first year started with Pre-K through 1st grades and had 25 students – three from the children’s home and the rest from the local village (the other children at the orphanage were in older grades).

Yet the Lighthouse School had no real school facilities. The classes met in the dorm rooms while the older children were away at a local school.

School Building Completed
With the planned addition of a grade each year, constructing classrooms became a priority. The school building was completed in the fall of 2010, and enrollment continued to grow. In 2011, the third year of operation, we had 75 students, 4 from the Orphanage and 71 from the village.

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There are many kids who are helped daily by Lighthouse Welfare Trust for Kids.