A second start begins
with a single note.

Everybody deserves a second chance. And our new music program, will give that chance to some young men who have a tremendous desire to turn their difficult lives around. Here's how it happened.

In 2010, India passed new laws governing organizations caring for children. As part of those laws, orphanages needed to be inspected and, if approved, registered by the government.

A government official came to inspect the the home and to interview some of the children in our care. He was so impressed with the orphanage and our kids that he asked Solomon to start working with troubled youth at a juvenile detention center as well.

The kids in the detention center come from very difficult backgrounds, with abuse and neglect the common denominator. Fortunately the director of the detention center promotes programs that give these boys positive outlets for their energy. Through gardening, they learn the benefits of nurturing living things. Participation in sports helps build teamwork and success.

The sweet sound of success
Many of the kids in the Center have a keen interest in music, so the director asked Solomon to develop a music program that would nurture their interest and give them a new, musical goal to shoot for. The program kicked off in January 2011, and is offering these young men a new future.

Troubled young men received help through music.
Lighthouse Welfare Mission helps disadvantaged youth through music.
Help for abandoned and neglected kids in Ponmar Village, India.