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The vast majority of kids who grow up at LWT4Kids! find good jobs and lead successful lives. We would love for you to meet three of them so you can get a feel for what our kids are like.

Parthiban Becomes a Mechanic

Parthiban's mother was a field laborer who was unable to provide for her 7 children when her husband died. Her sons, Parthiban and Pandian, came to live at the orphanage for nearly 10 years.

Always a good student, Parthiban completed 11th grade and returned to his village - beginning a job as an auto painter and mechanic, so he could help support his family.

Sometime later, Solomon’s car broke down and he walked to a nearby mechanic's shop. He was surprised and happy to find Parthiban working there and Parthiban was just as excited at the chance meeting, and fixed Solomon’s car for free. Parthiban's generosity of spirit also allowed him to pay for his sister's wedding!

Tom (Thamotharan) becomes a "Big Brother"

When Tom’s father died, his mother couldn’t support her two young sons. Tom was sent to a local orphanage where he was very unhappy.

Then their mom learned about and enrolled Tom’s younger brother, Surrender. Tom envied the nurturing environment that his brother enjoyed and longed for the love and attention that Solomon & Clara provided. Tom begged Solomon to let him transfer and was overjoyed when space finally became available and Solomon was able to grant him admission.

Tom was cheerful, obedient, and loved by everyone. After graduation from the home, he was asked to remain as an employee and today he helps care for the children and is even the “big brother” to many. He also helps with preaching, cooking and maintenance. Tom has done well in his studies and completed 12th grade, which is a major accomplishment for these kids.

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