From abandoned to
welcomed. From
neglected to loved.

Our orphanage began in 1996 when Solomon and Clara took 6 abandoned children into their tiny home.

Over the years, more and more children came to live with them. Some were true orphans, others were neglected or abandoned due to issues such as alcoholism, and still others were simply struggling from severe poverty.

After her husband died one mom couldn’t care for her children on her field laborer wages (about $1/day). She asked Solomon to take in her two boys, while she did her best to care for her daughters.

More children began to arrive including a boy whose father was the town drunk. Totaly neglected, this little boy struggled to survive on the streets until Solomon and Clara came to his rescue. Other arrivals were so malnourished they had to be carried everywhere - they weren't even able to walk. All of these children had one thing in common – without help they had little hope.

All that soon changed...

They arrived at what would become Lighthouse Welfare Trust. Here they received food, clothing, education, medical care, love and hope. Living quarters, however, were very cramped, with Solomon’s family and the children sharing a 1200 sf house.

Eventually a 2-acre tract of land was donated to them in the rural village of Ponmar, and in 2006 a new boys dormitory, dining hall and kitchen were completed. Today between 25 and 30 children live at

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